Evaluating Your Schedule

With everything that needs to get done, it seems an insurmountable task to have time for school, work, and personal life. Fill out the schedule below according to an average week to see how you spend an average week with school, work, family and friends, and personal care.

After filling out the schedule, determine how many hours you spend per week in the following activities:


Time traveling to and from school:
Time in class:
Time spent studying:


Time spent traveling to and from work:
Total hours spent on the job each week:

Family and Friends

Time on the phone:
Dating and/or meeting with friends:
Family time/child care:

Personal Care

Chores/personal business:
Spiritual life:

Total Hours:


Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I allowed enough time to do all the things I want/need to do? Sometimes sacrificing immediate rewards can pay off for the sake of long-term goals. Similarly, cutting out goals entirely may streamline a more manageable time schedule.
  • Have I allowed enough time for study? Getting into the rhythm of college life can be tough. Being committed to attaining personal, educational, and career goals means making time to study, even if it means skipping the weekly football game.
  • What can I do to adjust my schedule so there will be enough time for everything? Sometimes this can be as simple as shifting things around, and sometimes it will mean choosing one activity one week and another the next. Prioritize in accordance with a personal sense of how the schedule can flex.

About ACI Specialty Benefits

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