Studying for Success: Top 5 Tips on Getting the Most Out of College

In 2006, the majority of American students said their main reason for going to school was to “learn more about the things that interest [them].” Today, however, that number one answer has been replaced by the more realist point of view, “to be able to get a better job.”

Students no longer want degrees; they need them. The high school graduate that was once a suitable fit for employers now needs to get an associate’s degrees, and the positions that used to require bachelor’s degrees are now the main job market for just graduate students. Now more than ever, education is a commodity.

And like anything of value, it’s never a bad idea to stock up and get the most of out of it while you can.

Keep these ideas in mind to maximize your years spent in school.


If it’s not apparent yet, jobs these days are scarce. There’s nothing wrong with taking on an internship that pays more in experience or class credits than money to combat the slowed market. An internship makes applicants look invested in their field of study and is a high point on young peoples’ resumes.

Build bridges

Whether it’s in class with a professor, at work with a manager, or even at a party with a friend of a friend, networking is vital to success. Be open to getting on good terms with all types of people, and you’ll have a better chance of landing a job through word of mouth or by utilizing the professionals you know as reputable references.

Build more bridges

It really can’t be stressed enough. Even if you feel satisfied with your position – in life or at work – never stop networking. Making your work ethic and personality known to as many peers as possible will not only give you references, but can get you referred to open positions by those who know what you have to offer.

D’s get degrees – but not jobs

With bachelor’s degrees becoming more and more commonplace, the grade point average that used to be ignored by employers is now what separates those who get the job from those who don’t. Keep your major GPA high even it means taking units on a bit slower and it will be clear you are knowledgeable in your field of study.

Pace yourself

A degree, job, house, and success are not part of a package deal that appears in peoples’ lives one day when they wake up. Take things one day at a time, be thorough in your work, and never miss an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate your goals.

Source: Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA


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