Relationship Drama Getting You Down? Don’t Let Cupid Affect Coursework

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the Month of Love (better known by singles as “February”) can be a bit of a distraction at times. Whether it’s what to get for your significant other, how to celebrate when you’re single, or just why everyone else seems to be stressing so much, the month can bring out quite a bit of extra thoughts.

But the stresses of love also bring up an important topic – one that applies year-round. For students, a group that tends to jump all over the relationship spectrum, the connection between love life and class work is an important relationship of its own.

And whether you’re married, single, dating, or “facebook official” (whoa), it’s important to be aware of how relationship drama affects education, and to be ready to manage it if it comes up.

Take a look at these tips for how to stay sane and still get As when relationships are on the ropes.

Leave the phone at home

Passing notes is not exactly something that happens in college – or at all in this age. But the affectionate distraction still exists; it’s only gone from pieces of paper to cell phones. Texting, social media, and even your phone’s background can turn the classroom from a place of learning to one of emotional stress. Do yourself a favor in times of relationship trouble and leave the phone at home so faults in your love life won’t cause you to fall behind in class.

Distinguish your stress

While it’s easy to imagine a bumpy relationship affecting performance in the classroom, it’s important to remember that the effect can go both ways. If classes are picking up or work is piling up, make sure you can recognize when school stress is making you a little testy in your romantic relationships, and where you may need to focus your energies. And if this does become the case, let your significant other know the source of your stress and make sure he or she still understands your priorities.

Give yourself some love

Sometimes getting out of a relationship rut just requires a little bit of inward maintenance. So once a class ends, don’t hesitate to head to the library or somewhere peaceful for some “me time,” or get in touch with a student counselor or friend for some venting. You’ll come out with a new perspective and strategy for balancing your different concerns.

Let school be a distraction

School is often it’s own love-hate relationship. But when your love life is experiencing a bit of turmoil, the classroom can be a much-welcomed escape. Going along with leaving the phone at home, giving your full attention in class and doing activities like studying without the distractions of drama can be a therapeutic and productive outlet.

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