Spring Break Odds and Ends

If you have a Spring Break, you’ve probably been counting down the days until it starts for a while now. You’ve been picturing it in your head: laying out, catching up on sleep, or maybe being a part of a risky escapade involving dangerous cartels and possibly jail time (talking about watching the movie “Spring Breakers,” of course).

Whatever it is you envision, you’re making preparations accordingly. But where many stop at checking the weather forecasts and picking out bathing suits, putting in a little extra vacation planning can go a long way. And there’s more to consider than you may think for just one idle week in spring. Here are some suggestions.

Change the scene Maybe you won’t have much of a Spring Break because there’s just too much that needs to be done. Don’t worry, many other people will be in your situation; and you’ll find many of them making the best of their busy break by taking their work to the beach, secluded parks, or coffee shops and bookstores.

Hit the road Take a small road trip or go somewhere local to camp out for a few days. Many national parks can make for an inspiring vacation even on a college budget and are at their nicest during the spring.

Try alternatives If your break leaves you with too much time on your hands, try lending a hand. Several “Alternative Spring Break” opportunities exist from small volunteer roles to hurricane relief efforts.

Be sun safe Studying outside may be fun, but the sunburn you’ll be nursing during classes the following week won’t be. Take your sunscreen with you, and get under some shade intermittently.

Be everything safe Whether sightseeing in a foreign country or just gathering with your friends at the beach, don’t let the good vibes take distract you from being cautious. Keep track of your friends, swim responsibly, and give yourself extra travel time when heading somewhere.

Do nothing If your schedule permits, why not just stay put, relax, and just take a few days off? No shame in unwinding and recuperating. It’s probably still cold outside anyways.

Catch-up Your chores don’t know it’s Spring Break; and even if they did, they wouldn’t take a time-out. Use some down time to stay up to date with enrollment forms, taxes, and those household projects you’ve been putting off.

Remember it’s one week At the end of the day Spring Break is just one short week for you to catch your breath before starting up again. Don’t do anything that will set you back the next week, or anything you might regret in general for that matter.

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