Finishing Strong: Top 5 Ways to Cap Off a Successful Spring Semester

Maybe it’s the warming weather, maybe it’s baseball, or maybe it’s those seasonal allergies kicking in. Whatever it is, it’s spring, it’s here, and it’s distracting.

After the spring end of the semester has been broken in by Spring Break and the end of the school year comes into sight, many students find it difficult to keep the mind from drifting back to a place of relaxation. However the school year’s most important weeks still lay ahead. If you’re one of the many who find the focus you possessed in the winter and fall months slipping away slightly, take a look at these tips to finishing strong.

Spring clean

Getting reorganized can be a huge step in having a productive year-end. Get rid of excess clutter in your workspace and binders, and organize your notes according to syllabi and study guides.

Do the dull first

When a perfect spring day is calling you outside, it’s hard to get work done. And when the work you have to do is dull and uninteresting it makes it that much harder. If you get the boring stuff out of the way first, you’ll be less prone to letting assignments go undone in crunch time.

Don’t sit around

Let’s face it, before we know it it’ll be the end of summer already and we’ll be looking back on the past few months. Don’t be the person who looks back and wishes they did more. Stay energetic and get out there while the days are still long and the weather’s still pleasant.

Go to the library

When exams get nearer you need to begin going to the library routinely. And most students will tell you that before you’re fully comfortable and maximizing productivity in the library, there’s a hump that needs to be gotten over. Start the routine now by going to the library for even those tasks you might usually do at home.

Plan for summer

Guess what, you can daydream about summer and be productive at the same time by starting to think about your goals for this year’s summer. Make a list of what you want to do for the upcoming season and how you plan to accomplish those things, too. Include both items for your own leisure, and for your success in school and the future.

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