Goal-setting and Goal-scoring

We set goals for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to secure our wellbeing, sometimes to measure our own abilities; sometimes we do it just because an opportunity presents itself.

Whatever the end, the means never really changes. Reaching a goal requires a gameplan and corresponding mindset that is consistently geared to scoring, as well as adaptable to shifting obstacles. Whew. It’s not as easy as it sounds – and it doesn’t even sound easy. But that’s why we’ve compiled a few tips for goal-setting both in the near future and the distant. Take a look:

The short-term

  • healthyu_goalsettingBe individualistic – Think less about the person next to you, or the goals of yourfriends and family members. The short-term is about staying encouraged, which always comes down to you and yourself only.
  • Keep goals small, attainable – To stay motivated, setting many small, attainable goals will keep you rising and make achieving a habit, not a novelty.
  • Celebrate – Like athletes after scoring, it is important to celebrate smaller achievements even if the overall goal of a win or a championship isn’t there yet. It’s a way to be in the moment and include those around to remind them of their contributions to your success.

The long term

  • Accept failures – Setbacks should be looked at as a call for adjustment to the picture you’ve painted of a goal, not a scrapping of the entire portrait. This outlook will keep your goals honest and vivid.
  • Help yourself, help others – You should share your goals with a select few who you trust. They can provide invaluable advice and even healthy critiquing. Also learning about the goals of those close to you can give you new vision of your own and keep you inspired.
  • Be realistic – Meaning, set long-term goals sparingly. If you set all your life goals at once you’ll have a harder time reaching them as they are bound to require adjusting as “prerequisite” goals are reached. Long-term goals vary in how far off they actually are and build upon those that come before it.

How do you separate your long-term goals from your short-term ones? Tell ACI on Twitter at @ACISpecBenefits or on facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or YouTube. Also feel free to contact ACI Specialty Benefits at (800) 932-0034, or email info@acispecialtybenefits.com

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