Beyond The Dollar Sign: Understanding Your Money Style

As students we like to think of money as simply a number. But money is more than just the difference between being in the black or the red. Answering the deeper questions about money can teach us a lot about finances as well as ourselves.

healthyu_dollarWhat’s my money style?

From the day-to-day “if it sounds too good to be true, it is,” savers, to the would-be “if I was given $5000, I’d already be booking my vacation” spenders, everyone has a different money style. Talk with a financial coach, examine your past purchases with a trusted person, or take one of many quizzes to hash out yours.

How does my money style affect me?

So you’ve determined you’re a hoarder. Maybe you’re missing out on a fun night every once in a while but setting up secure savings. A carefree-er? Maybe you’re worrying your loved ones by asking to borrow money. Everyone’s style affects him or her in some way, and being up front about how it does will open the door to future financial efficiency rather than delay progress.

Do my friends and loved ones have similar styles?

Many will discover that our smaller buys, those expenses that fall under the “spending money” category in our budgets, are affected by those we hang around. Being aware of our friends’ spending habits allows us think more logically when it’s time to make or not make those marginal buys which, as we all know, add up over time.

If I could change one thing about my spending habits, what would it be?

This one’s entirely up to you. But the key is not to try answering this question until you’ve addressed all the other aspects of your money thoroughly. This way you can be confident that the changes you make to your habits will yield the best all around results.

What do I gain from all this?

No one can be perfect with their money, but it is an issue you’ll always be faced with. Increasing your grasp on your own spending style makes it easier to view money differently and think about finances more objectively; As Donald Trump says, “Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.”

Determine your financial style. Contact ACI Specialty Benefits at (800) 932-0034, or email for resources. Also, find us on Twitter at @ACISpecBenefits or on facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or YouTube.

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    Nice article and ROLL TIDE!!!

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