Why College Isn’t So Scary After All

The thought of college haunts incoming freshman every year and its workloads can continue to instill fear in students as long as they’re there. But for a lot of reasons, including the few listed below, college is much less frightening than its reputation precedes it to be; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Here’s why:

You’re in control            

You’re in class less than high school, deadlines aren’t beaten to death, and you decide your studying regimens. While sometimes this can be the scariest part of all, you should take solace in knowing that you set your standards and determine your success. And don’t look to classmates for these standards, but to yourself.

Professors aren’t teachers            

They’re the ones in front of the classroom, sure, but they aren’t an authoritative figure. If you treat them like a peer more than a superior and be up front with your concerns they will usually be more flexible and understand your other obligations.

There is no right way            

Don’t be afraid of conventions that make you believe you have to major in a certain field or finish in a certain amount of time. Most of those “conventions” are no longer relevant anyway. It’s never too late to change your major, take fewer units, or even return to school after taking a break. And no matter how you do it; you’re guaranteed to learn as much about yourself as you do your study as you progress to graduation.

Many have come before you          

If after all that, you’re still a bit frightened, know this: everyone knows how hard it is to get a degree. Whether it’s another grad or someone who knows one.  And as such, there is no shortage of advice and assistance for current students. Never shy away from reaching out for financial advice, study help, or stress help to get you back on track.

Need help getting through your classes? We can help. Find ACI on Twitter at @ACISpecBenefits or on facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or YouTube. Also feel free to contact ACI Specialty Benefits at (800) 932-0034, or email info@acispecialtybenefits.com

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