How to Cope When Time’s Flying

Class terms are often over before they’ve even begun. One morning you wake up and it’s only the first week, and the next it’s Veteran’s Day weekend. When time flies, use these techniques to stay in the now and keep both your school calendar and your life from being a blur:

Eliminate time-eaters Some activities tend to take up more time than you’d like. Excessive screen time with technology, for example, can make the hours in a day disappear. Check things emails and your favorite websites at specific hours and do your time-demanding tasks strategically throughout the day to leave time for more important things.

Pause for a cause Don’t just slow down and relax when time is rushing by, but take a second view and record your progress in school and other parts of your life. Ignoring the big picture can make you to lose your sense of time and get tripped up by day-to-day constraints.

Make your own deadlines Instead of waiting on life’s prescribed deadlines, make your own. Have your bills settled before they’re due; write your own dates on assignments to give yourself breathing room; stay ahead of class readings. Doing these things will give you the power to control your pace.

Quicken decisions Instead of gathering endless information about your options every time a decision needs to be made, make your decisions, well, decisively. Break down dilemmas quickly and logically, trust your choices, and you’ll better keep up with the pace of life.

Remember what’s important Don’t let school get the best of the things that mean the most to you. Stay in touch with out of town family, spend time with your loved ones, and make time at least once a week for a hobby or activity that is important to you.

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