Avoiding a Holi-daze

The holidays can be a great time to relax, re-energize, and reconnect with loved ones. But for students, the season can also be a danger to the collegiate state of mind, adding all kinds of potential stress to the following months. Snap out of a foggy winter mindset with these strategies:

healthyu_holidazeMake a budget

Take the time to sit down and decide how much you want to spend this year and stick to it. Part of the challenge will be choosing gifts that fit this budget, which will take some more thinking. But coming out of the holidays in the green is invaluable to peace of mind in the New Year.

Stay above the in-flu-ence

The holiday season also happens to be the peak of the flu season. Give the gift of health to your immune system by packing warm clothes for your vacations, keeping a balanced diet, and getting plenty of rest so the flu doesn’t set you back next semester.

Stick to your roots

Try not to stray too far from your school-time routine. Setting aside an hour or so a day for some quiet reading, for example, or doing a semi-challenging Sudoku puzzle in the morning paper can be a great way to keep your mind out of holiday hibernation.

Lighten the mood

It’s no joke that laughter is the best medicine (in fact, it’s proven). Get in a few belly laughs with your loved ones by playing your favorite board games, seeing a comedy instead of that new action film, or breaking out the photo album. Nothing’s funnier than the 90’s, anyway.

Plan for a cooling-off period

Try not to be up to your neck in holiday plans up all the way through the very last days. Instead, allow for a weekend to downshift before the new semester starts. Doing so can be vital in snapping out of a foggy winter mindset and regaining your classroom state of mind.

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