Managing Risk in College: All About Defense

Students tend to take a lot of risks. They’ll comprohealthyu_defensemise sleep to finish a small task, they’ll cut the bus time close, they’ll even bubble in 7 straight C’s on a test even though everything tells them it can’t be so.

Sometimes, though, like a prolific offense that lacks the defense to back it up, students’ risks are unmatched by the proper precautionary measures which adds pressure to their decisions.

Stay in control of your risks and defend against unnecessary pressure with these steps.

Strategize your studying When the date of your test is in sight, it’s important to make a study schedule leading up to it. This kind of game-planning will allow you to see how much time you should spend studying each day to ensure you’re ready, and also how on-pace you are or are not as the day grows nearer.

Do all extra credit Letting extra credit slip by you is like settling for field goals instead of scoring touchdowns. No matter what your grade is, doing the extra credit will give you some breathing room when the final weeks arrive and your other classes force you to take some risks.

Have nightly meetings With yourself, that is. There’s never as much time in the morning as you think there will be the night before. Make sure your morning has no slip-ups by going over your next day: what you need to print out, what needs to be in your backpack, even what you’ll eat for lunch.

Keep your teammates on your team When school is hectic, the last thing on your list is to check in with that old boss of yours or to see how your high school friend is doing. But when you need some advice or a reference for an application down the road, you’ll wish you had done so earlier. Doing the little things now will help open up your options in more important, big-picture situations.

Know when to punt One of the easiest ways to ensure your success and defend against unnecessary risks is to know when to say no. There will be times you know you can’t take that friend out while still getting all your homework done, or lead that group project because of another class’ test. That’s okay. Don’t take on more than you can handle and you’ll be able to take fewer risks while doing better work.

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