The Student’s Guide to a Foolproof Class Routine

With so many classes to attend in the span of a term, it’s not uncommon for students to see that fire and motivation they had the first few weeks dwindle as the term goes on.

Sometimes, though, all you need to regain that drive is to go back to the basics – something every student is capable of. Here is a simple but fail-safe way to get on top of your classes and stay there.


  • Review last class’ notes as if there will be a pop quiz. Doing this will help you be prepared for anything that gets thrown at you in class, and minimize cram sessions in the future.
  • Prepare a response or question. Depending on the class, your teacher may ask students to respond to the material you read. If you come into class with a general idea of how you’d respond, you’ll be much more likely to do so and earn participation points.


  • Once in class, it’s all about staying focused. Think of your class as a important business meeting (technically, it is your job to be there) and maintain good eye contact as well as body language.
  • Keep the class objectives in the back of your mind throughout class. Many times, it’s even smart to write class objectives down each day at the top of your notes to keep you focused on a direct purpose throughout the day.
  • Get rid of distractions. Keep on your desk only the materials you need for that day. And as for your phone, don’t look at it for the few hours you’re in class and instead learn to start your replies to any messages with “sorry, I was in class.” Your friends will understand.


  • The twelve hours after class are important for long-term memory retention. Try and sit down for twenty minutes in this period and highlight important parts of your notes or circle parts you’re still fuzzy on to ask about next time.
  • Think big. For many students, the big picture is a good grade. For others, it’s proving something to themselves. Whatever your larger reasoning is, reinforcing your effort with the larger scheme of things can be the best motivation to do it again tomorrow.

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