Debunking Costly Technology Myths 

From smartphones that can weigh things to drones that deliver your mail, technology is synonymous with rumors. Some rumors, however, can actually lead users to spend more money than they need to. And when you’re a college student, forking out extra cash is never something you want to do unnecessarily.

Here are four technology misconceptions to be aware of to make sure you’re saving as much money as possible in college.

Myth #1: You won’t learn as much with online texts The digital versions of textbooks are almost always cheaper than the hard copies. But many students still aren’t sold on them, thinking they simply aren’t the same as a real physical book. eBooks, though, let you do a lot of the same things as hard textbooks. You can highlight, insert bookmarks, add your own notations, and even perform a search on the text.

Myth #2: Refurbished technology is inferior Buying refurbished technology sounds a bit daunting. But contrary to popular belief, refurbished items are not used, broken, or with less battery or memory. Usually, they were just used as display units, or don’t have the regular packaging, or were sent back to factories and fixed. With a manufacturer’s warranty, they’re covered like normal shelf products anyway.

Myth #3: You need to pay for a tutor There are certain classes where a tutor is simply a necessity. Oftentimes, however, many of your questions can be answered by online tutorials, including Youtube videos, recordings of lectures, and even academic forums. So before hiring a tutor, see if you can find free online resources to help you out.

Myth #4: Cloud computing is expensive Saving work onto an internet-based storage server can be extremely convenient for on-the-move students. And unlike what many believe, you don’t need to install a pricey box at your house to do so. Services like Dropbox and Google Drive offer more than enough storage to hold a few years of schoolwork for no cost at all.

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