The Grand Finale: 4 Outside-the-Box Senior Projects

Your final year of college will probably be centered around – or include – some sort of independent project. Independent meaning that, for once, a project does not come with a set of step-by-step instructions or a list of guidelines. While exciting, the idea sometimes ends up leading students to choose the default 5-paragraph thesis or presentation as a safe-bet project.

But if you think more creatively, you can end up with a capstone project that gets your point across in compelling and impressive fashion. Here are 4 outside-the-box ideas that can turn your senior project into something bigger and longer lasting.

#1 Website

Creating a website or app can demonstrate coding ability, computer knowledge, and interface savviness. However, in today’s web-based world, creating a website or app can also serve as a platform to showcase any kind of knowledge, from history to teaching to engineering. If you’re not a website design or computer science major, consider pairing up with someone who is (or learning how to do it yourself) to create a website that compiles everything you’ve learned along the way to your degree. For help researching for your website, check out our research tips.

#2 Business plan

Believe it or not, some of today’s most popular companies began as senior projects. Jamba Juice, for example, was one outside-the-box senior project that took off and created the niche market of smoothie chains which is so popular today. While your project may not turn out this successfully, creating a business plan makes for a more realistic presentation for your panel/audience and gives you the freedom to make any kind of company, no holds barred. It also serves as a chance to learn invaluable economic and forecasting skills for whatever field you’re in.

#3 Client solution

Developing a client solution means that you first have to think of a possible client problem. Brainstorm some of the most pressing, modern issues facing your field today, and imagine that a client wants that issue fixed or circumvented by a deadline (the due date of your project). After this, the bulk of your project will come from solving the problem logistically, while another aspect will be dealing with the human side of the issue – that is, communicating with a client. The result is a project whose critical thinking is apparent as well as compelling for graders.

#4 Curriculum/workshop

No curriculum is perfect. And after going through the entire coursework of your degree, chances are you’ve had some moments of constructive criticism for yours. So why not channel these sentiments into a senior project that looks to create a curriculum tailored to students like you – think tech-savvy students, adult learners, international students, veterans, or anything else you can think of. Creating a workshop or curriculum builds off of your experience, and is one of those projects that stands a good chance at creating actual change.

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