Tech Industry Trends Every Student Should Know

There’s a reason that “Silicon Valley” is now a household term. The rapid growth, large influence, and lucrative opportunities of the area have proven that the tech industry is here to stay.

But it’s also attracted millions of students to the industry, many of whom have been using computers their whole lives and look at the field with dollar signs in their eyes. For those serious about working in the area, though, it’s important to see past the dazzling aspects of it all and look closer at the current-day trends.

Jobs in technology are no longer restricted

In 2014, a general rule of thumb is that if it exists, there is a technology component to it. This means that for students whose first love was cooking, for example, there now is a technological side of it. Find what you love first, then explore the tech opportunities that may lie within.

Portfolios can give you an edge

The accessibility of the internet means that anybody can begin learning and taking free courses on technology at any time. After enough practice you can begin building your own websites, apps, and even “hacking” (deconstructing) current systems – all accomplishments that look good alongside a resume.

It’s no longer an independent job

There’s a reason Silicon Valley is full of collaborative coffee shops and “incubation” offices. Like any innovative work, peer review is key to new, abstract tech ideas turning into sound products. And on top of learning from others, working with others will help you to learn how to collaborate, which brings us to our next trend.

The ideal techie is not all tech

If anything, the skill most lacking in the tech industry is teamwork. As such, companies are more and more looking for well-rounded individuals who aren’t just talented, but team-oriented and communicative as well.

It all happens one step at a time

It’s no secret that the large growth and revenue coming out of the technology industry is unprecedented. However, don’t set your standards too high and expect huge pockets right away. Instead, take what you can get at the start of your career and use jobs as chances to learn more, build skills, and meet people as you climb the ranks.


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