The Dos and Don’ts of Registering for Classes

Though registering for classes can seem like a relatively small task, one that often takes less than an hour to do, it is in the grand scheme of things a pretty big deal.

The small choices you make on registration day can determine what you learn over the course of a term, whom you learn it from and even what classes you can take later.

So with so much riding on your registration day decisions, why not take the utmost care in planning and making those choices? Check out these registration reminders that can go a long way for your education.

Do research all classes beforehand. These days, many classes have reviews, testimonials from former students and even copies of the syllabus online. Take advantage of these resources by digging into your school’s online catalog as well as sites like

Don’t overload your schedule. Avoid being overly ambitious during class registration and adding classes that you’re not sure you can handle. A class or schedule that is too much can end up diluting what you’re learning, and can do harm to your GPA. On a similar note, try not to take too much of one subject, which could risk you losing focus on the topic.

Do review your degree progress. It’s important to first prioritize classes based on your progress towards your degree. This will allow you to plan for the future while making sure you get the necessary classes when they’re offered.

Don’t forget about time. When building your schedule, don’t just look at the classes but think about the times they are held. Once you have a tentative schedule, try to envision yourself going through that schedule over the course of a week and see if the times match up with your own obligations like work, commuting, and studying.

Do take a class for yourself. Many times one class will jump out at you as something you’d enjoy. When this happens, you can never fail by following your instinct. Having at least one class per term that you picked solely for yourself, in a subject you enjoy, can make studying feel like a breeze.

Don’t let questions go unanswered. It’s always a good idea to run your class choices by an advisor before locking them in. If you have questions about individual classes, you can even email the professor directly to ask about workload, scheduling or textbook prices. No one knows what classes are like better than professors and advisors, so get their advice.

Looking for some more advice? Contact SOAR Student Assistance to point you in the right direction for success in school!

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