Your Guide to Navigating Cyber Monday

One thing college students can never turn down is a good deal. And while not everyone is the type to camp out on Thanksgiving night at the mall, students tight on money can look to Cyber Monday for their deals.

If you have a lengthy shopping list or are in the market for bigger-ticket school supplies like a new laptop or tablet, the Black Friday of online shopping day can be especially useful.

Here’s how to best take advantage of it.

Make a shopping list

Making a shopping list is helpful because it takes out all the guesswork of actually shopping. Beforehand, research the exact location of the items you need and bookmark that page. A shopping list can also help you decide what you really need and what you can save for another time.

Use these sites

Camel, Google Shopping, and Fat Wallet are all helpful sites for navigating deals. Camel, for example, is specialized toward the popular site Amazon, and analyzes price trends to tell you when the best time to buy is. All three sites are helpful starting points so that you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on the market.

Use your student power

Your student email account can earn you even more discounts on several sites like Amazon, Spotify, Apple and Sprint that can help you get through the whole holiday season. On Amazon, for example, student emails can often return free shipping and Prime access for six months. Whatever the site, take a second to see if a student ID can provide further discounts.

Be cautious

Set a budget, plan how you will pay for items, and read the fine print on all items. Cyber Monday is the cheapest internet shopping day of the year, but many deals will have a catch, like offering a low price only to the first 10 customers, and can cause you to spend more than you’d planned.

Check virtual sales

Some of the biggest steals on Cyber Monday are the ones people forget about: pricey software and classes. If you need word processing, design, or editing software, consider getting them on this day. Kaplan test prep courses are even offered for cheaper on these days.

Need help with your holiday budget? just ask! ACI can be reached on Twitter at @ACISpecBenefits or on facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or YouTube. Also feel free to contact ACI Specialty Benefits at (800) 932-0034, or email

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