Spring cleaning college style: four tasks that can make you a better student

Today marks the first day of spring, which for many students means the beginning of the home stretch of the school year. What it also means, though, is by this point many of the small projects–the organizing, the here-and-there cleanup tasks you said you’d do—are starting to pile up.

Enter spring cleaning, where just one day of some workspace cleansing can not only help you see your floor, but help you be productive in that final press of the year.

Here are four easy ways to get started.

Lose the e-clutter 

If you’re a student these days, chances are much of the clutter holding you back isn’t necessarily in your backpack or your living space, but on your laptop, tablet, and phone. Clear out unnecessary apps, sort through the trash bin of your email inbox, and even sift through your connections on social media. You’ll find that getting rid of unnecessary material can speed up your devices and make files easier to locate.

Sell your textbooks

Textbooks are often the bane of students’ existence: they cost a fortune up front, your bookstore buys them back for a fraction of the price, and it can be hard to even make time to find the best buyback value as buyback season overlaps with you already needing to think about next semester’s books. This can change. With sites like http://www.bookfinder.com/buyback/, you can quickly find where the best offers for your books are and, with prepaid shipping labels, get your money without ever stepping foot in a bookstore.

Rearrange your room or office

Spring is the time of renewal, and when it comes to such, few other changes can inspire more a bit of simple furniture rearranging. Even if you have no bones with how your current room setup is, trying something new can stimulate our minds entirely and help us remember it’s a new season with new goals. Try moving your bed to where the added sunlight hits you just right in the morning, or your desk to where your view is no longer a blank wall, but a window.

Donate electronics/clothes

Have you ever been late for class and remembered at the last minute you need your calculator, or a certain pencil, or a sweater, only to be at a loss for how you could possibly not find that item a 10 foot by 10 foot room? If so, it’s probably time to get rid of some stuff. College students are always on the move, and hoarding too many items that you use maybe once a year will at some point come back to bite you. Cash in on these items by getting a tax return from Goodwill and reap the benefits of a cleaner, more navigable workspace.

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