5 free apps that outshine your phone’s default calendar app

To the naked eye, the modern-day college student may seem more akin to a machine than a young intellectual as the expansion of higher education has led to students’ taking advantage of more opportunities than ever before.

Thankfully, however, one thing that students don’t have to spend hours of their valuable time doing is actually figuring out exactly how all their different classes and extracurricular activities fit into their day.

student_cell_phone_in_school_HInstead, several free calendar apps for iPhones and Androids mean that you can keep being the assignment-completing, study-grouping machine that you are without being at the mercy of your planner. Here are 5 such apps that cracked our list:


There are many reasons why CalenMob is not only a great calendar app, but a great student app. The reason? Canary makes it a breeze to sync up your Google events to your calendar. And since email and social media has become the go-to for millions of students for planning everything from study groups to birthday parties, it makes sense that your calendar puts an emphasis on being in tune with your social life.


There are many reasons Sunrise has quickly become one of the most popular electronic calendars for students who use iPhones or iPads. Sunrise can sync with most calendars, it’s ad-free, and, most uniquely, the app lets you plan your day by location, teaming up with Google Maps to make directions to your day one click away, saving busy students time.


Are you a student who is always on the go? Or do you find yourself always a part of several different groups like clubs or study teams? If so, Wave and its unique “predictive assistance” features may be right for you. Wave not only compiles your events into one easy calendar, it anticipates your schedule and sends you texts to remind you when to leave for events and even notes to your group when you are running a bit late.


Most students already use their phones to make lists and set tasks. If you’re someone who already does this with an app like Any.Do, Cal (an Any.do creation) not only syncs up your events to one calendar, it consolidates all notes and tasks even down to your grocery to one free app. The biggest plus, however, is probably Cal’s clean interface that doesn’t swarm iOS or Droid users with too much information at once.


Not every student goes to school in places where the weather is always 70 degrees and sunny. But thankfully, there’s Horizon, which is a one-of-a-kind calendar app that understands how much weather can play a part into students’ commute and how they plan their day. By placing all weather information directly next to your planned events, this free iPhone and iPad app takes the guessing out of what to wear and when to leave.

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