You Decide: Living on or off Campus

9.2.2015 campus or no

College is the time to figure out what it is that YOU like. That includes where to live. It is important to feel comfortable in your home, even if it is temporary.

Here are a few of the best things about living either on or off campus. Just remember that it is your college experience. If the traditional dorm and cafeteria life isn’t your style, that’s okay. You do you.

Living on Campus

FOOD- Pizza and ramen get old real quick. A major perk of living on campus is the easy cafeteria style meal plans that most schools offer. No, it’s not five star dining. But in the end it is cheaper and easier than ordering takeout every night. If cooking isn’t your thing, a meal plan is a must.

COMMUTE- Not a morning person? Getting an extra hour of sleep every day thanks to your short commute might be worth braving the dorms. For those of us who always seem to forget something, it is also convenient. Remember, you have your entire life to worry about traffic and parking.

SOCIALIZING- Random roommate assignments are terrifying. But those weirdos you get stuck with can end up being great friends you’d never meet otherwise. Sacrifice some privacy and be a part of the community. You’re never too old to enjoy having sleepovers with your bffs every night.

ACADEMICS- Keep your GPA high by keeping the library close. Attending random study groups or tutoring sessions is much easier when you’re located on to campus. Utilize those resources if you need them.

Living off Campus

KITCHENS- Can you really put a price on being able to cook a frozen pizza at 2 AM? Having a kitchen space puts you in control of your meals. It could also mean saving money on a meal plan and learning some great life skills.

FREEDOM- Living under your parents’ roof for the last 18 or so years might have left you desperate for some freedom. It’s time to spread those wings. You might feel like an adult for the first time when looking for an apartment and choosing roommates.

PRIVACY- Tired of having to wear pants all of the time? Having a room to yourself might be exactly what you need. Always having a quiet place to study or spend time with a significant other is another great perk.

LUXURY- This is a word that no one has ever used to describe on campus housing. If it is something you care about, it’s time to start commuting. Apartments and homes off campus typically come with much more living space.


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