Good Morning Sunshine

Girl SleepingIt’s Monday morning and you just woke up early for the first time in two months. You’re groggy and the last thing you want to do is head to an early-morning class.

Getting back into the swing of school is never easy. Fortunately, the body’s clock can always be reset.

Instead of counting down the minutes before you can crawl back in bed, try these tips to make the transition a little easier and avoid drooling on your textbook.

Eat Breakfast

Food might be the last thing on your mind after waking up, but a balanced breakfast gives the body energy. Grab a protein bar before heading out the door.

Get some sun

Being in the sun increases vitamin D levels, which is a key component to physiologically fighting fatigue. Give yourself time to stroll to class and enjoy the natural benefits of the outdoors.

Skip Afternoon Coffee Breaks

One of the first reactions you might have to the “two-o’clock in the afternoon feeling” is finding the nearest Starbucks. However, large amounts caffeine after 4 PM has shown to reduce your body’s ability to fall asleep at night. Grab cold water and a high-protein snack instead.

Go To Bed Early Tonight

Going to bed at a reasonable time is most commonly a matter of planning and willpower more than anything. So start tonight — set a bedtime that is just a couple dozen minutes earlier than when you went to bed the night before.

Track sleep

Use an app such as Sleep Cycle or to wake up at the end of sleep cycles and feel more refreshed, or even consider seeing a specialist or contacting SOAR for more information on sleep resources.

Separate sleep and work

Don’t bring work into your bed or go over plans for tomorrow while trying to fall asleep. That blurs the line between work and sleep. Focus on homework in the library and sweet dreams when in bed.


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