5 College Stress Reducers









Morning Madness

It might not sound ideal but getting up 15 minutes early in the morning has numerous benefits. Extra time allows for inevitable mishaps, time to wake up and  time to get ready to tackle the day. Prepare everything the night before: Make lunch, print assignments and pack for the following day. Mornings should be stress-free.


Snapchats, texts and Tweets can wait for an hour. Keeping up a constant connection can quick turn into just another stressful task. Do one thing at a time. Drum up the courage to temporarily disconnect all electronics for just a short time in favor of a book, a bath, a game or a walk.

Fill the Notebooks

Write everything down. Studies show that memory is closely linked to writing. Writing is also a great way to relieve stress. Make a to-do list to manage tasks and homework. Try journaling about the issues that trigger your stress. Making problems more visible is the first step to take each one down individually.

One Piece at a Time

Focus on what has to be done right now – not what has to be done tomorrow, a week from now or a year from now. Break long-term tasks into manageable pieces; “Today I will write one paragraph of the essay due next month.” All puzzles seem less overwhelming when they are tackled one piece at a time.


Nobody is perfect –forgive others for their missed deadlines, forgetfulness and harsh words. Forgive your own imperfections. Most people are doing the best that they know how to do. Don’t let a few frustrating moments ruin an entire day. Accept that we live in an imperfect world and begin to let go of the stresses you cannot control.



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