The Technology Personality Guide

This month, we explored many of the great opportunities technology can offer for students — from helpful apps to career websites to money matters. But as much as we’ve said about the kinds of technology out there, it’s important to remember that how you use them play a big role in what you get out of it all.

So how do you make sure you’re doing it right? For starters, check out these common approaches students have toward technology and where each helps or hinders productivity.

The Livewire

If you find yourself hanging on every new phone release, or scrolling through media sites every hour or so, you may be overly lively about technology.Curb technology overuse by trying the analog versions of things you do digitally to avoid distraction. Make a hand-written list instead of one on your phone, or plan to meet up with someone instead of texting.

The Standbyer

Unlike livewires, some millennials resist technology or are indifferent to it. But whether you have a fear of technology or simply haven’t got around to making accounts and buying devices, sitting out on tech can cost you many of its benefits. The key to getting something out of tech is to explore it on your own terms, not out of pressure from others. A good place to start is by browsing app stores for things that interest you like list-makers or health tools, or watching tutorials.

The Statistician

The more we use technology, the more we are inclined to over-analyze the constant barrage of statistics. If you find yourself reading list after list about where your major or career ranks, try cutting back on this type of reading and shift to more informative rather than categorical articles. Don’t read as gospel. If anything, don’t read so much into lists and just take what you need.

The Crosser-over

Blending technology and your “real life” can sometimes result in the balanced life we all strive for. But other times it means that too much of your personal life ends up online, and your online begins to dictate the decisions you make throughout the day. Achieve the latter by separating the two arenas and limiting your computer use to certain times of the day and seeking life advice from your personal circle rather than the web.

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