Six Easy Ways to Improve Sleep

Along the path to graduation, sleep is, well, a sleeper-factor between the more talked-about issues of studiousness, organization, and preparedness, to name a few. But sleep, in all reality, is one of the largest deciding factors in students’ day-to-day success; it plays a big role in your ability to stay healthy and fight off sickness, it can improve your mood, and it increases alertness and cognitive abilities as you go to class and study.

The takeaway? Ditch the late nights and look towards easy and effective ways to increase your sleep and, in turn, your performance.


We all know that it isn’t smart to be staring at your bright computer right up until bedtime, but sometimes it does happen. Use this app to dim the brightness of your screen in the later hours so when you do close your eyes you aren’t left with an afterglow.


A healthy diet with a balanced sugar intake and more fresh fruits and veggies naturally lends itself to more restful nights. Also, limiting caffeine intake late in the day is key in making sure that when you shut your eyes, your body follows.


If you have a hard time dropping the late afternoon cup of coffee, chamomile tea can be a great way to give you that study drink without the restless effects. The flower has natural elements that promote relaxation as well as little to no caffeine. is a tool that calculates bedtimes and wakeup times based on scientific sleep cycles. This means that when your alarm rings you aren’t in the deepest part of your sleep cycle, but rather at a point where you’re most ready to get up. 


Exercise and sleep complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. The more you exercise, the better you’ll sleep, and the more you sleep, the more results you’ll see from your workouts.

Smarter naps

If you find yourself needing a 2-hour nap in the middle of the afternoon, your sleep schedule needs change. Naps are best done in short, 30-45 minute sessions that won’t leave you groggier than you were before.

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